Prometheus–yes, thinking required

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It would be easy to just give a straight fangirl assessment of Prometheus and tell you, it was awesome as hell; go see it, but I’m actually jacked enough over the film to discuss it a little further (without getting all spoiler-y in the process).

I’m not a crazed sci-fi (or Sy-Fy nut)—I haven’t seen Avatar and don’t care that much about Star Trek really, but I do like dark, elegant, intelligent science fiction. That’s what Prometheus was. The last time I saw a “space” movie that was so effective was the under-appreciated 2009 movie Moon, directed by Duncan Jones. Before that, of course, there was Alien. There’s just something about the claustrophobic gloominess of being stranded where “no one can hear you scream.”

George Lucas managed to thoroughly sour me on CGI, so I am always half-expecting to see cartoonish spaceships and creatures (this notion does not apply to WETA productions) but this movie is visually stunning. I was sucked into that world immediately. The effects were seamless and simply spectacular. I didn’t see the 3-D version and now wonder if I missed anything. The opening credits were complimented by a Vangelis-esque soundtrack (by Marc Streitenfeld) that swept across a gorgeous, but foreign landscape, reminding me of Scott’s Blade Runner three decades ago.

I particularly enjoyed the introduction of David and thought he brought a great twist to his android predecessors, Ash and Bishop. I have to say that he would make a beautiful replicant, if Scott does indeed direct another Blade Runner installment.  The other characters, while not as compelling as the crew of the Nostromo from the original Alien, are interesting. I especially appreciate that Scott holds true to the legacy of Ellen Ripley—no weak women. In a world of Bellas, it’s good to be reminded that women can have more balls then the guys. Thank you! Charlie was a bit annoying—like a frat boy in space, but it was not enough to become completely off-putting. Didn’t see the connection between him and Shaw, however. Maybe she just preferred dumb, sulky, drunk men…

All-in-all, I can’t understand the mixed reviews. Yes, the movie is deeper than the last Mission Impossible. You have to think more than you might have if you saw Rock of Ages (suffered through that trailer—who the hell would pay to see that monstrosity?), so I believe some of the negativity stems from people who just “don’t get it.”

**Read a few Amazon reader reviews from any number of incredible books and you understand what I mean. **

Great movie for those who don’t mind thinking. Otherwise, the new Men in Black flick is probably playing at the same theater. See it instead.

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